Vw t5 single passenger seat conversion

Es kann auch eine Einzelkabine gebucht werden. It can also be booked a single cabin. Hinzu kommen bei den Einzelbuchern or Euros for a single cabin. The motoryacht Dalla Pieta 72 can accommodate up to 8 guests in one master cabin, one VIP cabin, one twin cabin and one single cabin.

Here you see the traveling position behind the drivers seat shown with the dimensions of an average MPV. If there is a back seat it has to be folded, turned around or removed.

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The camping unit is fixed with tension belts at the lashing points. The belts are part of the delivery scope.

Here in a VW Caddy.

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Here you see the conversion to the single bed x70cm. The drivers seat has to be turned to the front.

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In case of vans with extended-version it is not necessary. The folded out lying surface is fixed at the safety belt or a head rest.

Kiravans double passenger seat swivel for VW T5

If you are traveling on your own, you still have the complete near side up to the roof for equipment available. Here you see the conversion to the double bed xcm.

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On the near side you still have the complete storage length available if the passenger seat allows it. All poles for all cases of application are part of the delivery scope.

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If you are traveling on your own, you still have the complete near side up to the roof for equipment available and might use the additional surface as a parting plane. The open space below the right lying surface ranges between 54,5 without adjustable feet vw t5 single passenger seat conversion 62,5cm adjustable feet with maximum extension.

The kitchen box can be easily removed.

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Maximum storage room with double bed and parting plane for equipment. Here in a Citroen Berlingo.

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The kitchen box can be extracted to the back. So cooler and sink are accessible. Because the matresses are stored in a compartment in front of the kitchen box, the cookers might be used inside in case of too much wind.

vw t5 single passenger seat conversion

It is possible to use one panel of the lying surface as an additional working place or with the poles as a single table. If the weather is not that comfortable, the kitchen box might be completely managed from the inside. Some cars have very high covers for the wheel boxes nicely moulded to the rear windows.

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Thus the width in the back area is reduced. In bigger vans with longer and plane load space single and double bed might be used supported by poles.