Single sheet paper feeder. TCF range of friction feeders,

After adding paper: No "GO"- or "Select"-button If the paper tray is empty, you find an onscreen prompt to insert paper picture right side. After that you are supposed to push the "Go"- or "Select"-button, to continue printing. You will look for both buttons in vain, there is none. Following inherent logic "It must be something green! Paper deposit Papier deposit: Holds sheets.

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According to HP it can hold up to media, an unexpedient solution, since the paper tray houses up to single sheet paper feeder. The dating app frauen can take up sheets without problems, the paper stack becomes somewhat untidy at the end, however.

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If you plan a manual doublesided print after, you have to readjust the sheets single sheet paper feeder. Paper jam Paper jams are not encountered in our tests, if you insert the sheets properly. They happen, if you put in too much paper.

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And that occurs quite frequently. Druckerchannel recommendation: Pull out the paper tray completely, if you want to replenish it. To clear a paper jam you open the rear cover.

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That needs a lot of force, the lever deforms in a way you will think it is going to break off. But in the end the latch will open.

Last revision on February 14, Expert reviews and ratings June 10, 80 The single sheet manual feeder automatically turns on as soon as paper is inserted into it. Unless one is using this machine as a dedicated A3 printer, it is likely that A3 printing will generally be done via this single sheet feeder. Both the main April 02, 80 Despite the wildly varying price, this is an excellent all-round home-office printer with more speed and versatility than cheaper