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These collections were merged with the library of the college, the "Studienanstalt", and the holdings of the Jesuit college that had been incorporated in the college library earlier.

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Today, the Provincial Library holds aroundbooks. The historical collections of almost 40, volumes were published predominantly beforewith a further 5, works dating from the 19th century. In addition, there are manuscripts, music manuscripts and over incunabula early printed books up to the year State Library Amberg Staatliche Bibliothek Ansbach The first public library in Ansbach, the town of the princely residence at the time, was founded in by Margrave William Frederick of Brandenburg-Ansbach — During the 19th century, the court library served as the business library of the government and of dating portal amberg association of historians of Middle Franconia Historischer Verein Mittelfranken.

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Following its revival after the Second World War, the library became part of the Bavarian public library system. Currently, the collections comprise a total of aroundmedia units, dating portal amberg them around 9, volumes published beforemanuscripts and almost incunabula.

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His successor Karl Theodor von Dalberg secured the library's continued existence by establishing an endowment. Inthe library's administration was taken over by the Kingdom of Bavaria.

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The collection amounts to almostvolumes today. The historical holdings include 58 manuscripts and incunabula, 30, dating portal amberg published beforepersonal papers and special collections, as well as the Collegiate Church Library Stiftsbibliothek, 22, volumes as a permanent deposit.

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The institution passed into State administration in The library serves as the archival and research library for the region dating portal amberg Bavarian Swabia and the city of Augsburg. Currently, the library holds more thanvolumes, among them over 4, manuscripts,items printed before including around 3, incunabulaas well as substantial special collections of pamphlets, personal publications and dissertations, around 22, prints and drawings, around 4, autographs and 60 units of personal papers.

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State and City Library Augsburg Staatsbibliothek Bamberg The roots of the State Library of Bamberg lie in the secularisation ofwhich led to the dissolution of the monasteries and clerical colleges in the princebishopric dating portal amberg of the old university in Bamberg.

The book collections of these institutions were merged in one regional library. Currently, the library holds aroundvolumes.

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The most important historical items are 6, manuscripts, 3, incunabula and aroundprinted books from the 16th to the 19th century, as well as around 90, prints, drawings and photographs. The library's holdings amount to aroundtitles, including manuscripts and incunabula.

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The substantial and in parts outstanding collections of the 16th to the 19th century are complemented by regional literature created within the historical boundaries of the duchy of Coburg. Until the abolition of the Jesuit order inthe library of the Jesuit college also served as the university library.

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In the course of the secularisation, the episcopal court library was moved from Augsburg to Dillingen and merged with the Jesuit library. The libraries of several monasteries in northern Swabia came to Dillingen at the same time.

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The collections comprisevolumes, among them manuscripts and incunabula as well as 60, books printed before Dillingen College Library Staatliche Bibliothek Neuburg an der Donau The State Library dating portal amberg Neuburg was founded in the year as the central library for schools and administrative institutions of the region. Today, it preserves around 55, media, predominantly books, journals and electronic media.

The historical holdings dating portal amberg around 35, volumes from before as well as a number of manuscripts, around incunabula and, as a particularly important special collection, over volumes formerly owned by the famous Augsburg humanist Hieronymus Wolf — Taken over by the Bavarian state inthe library integrated the dissolved clerical libraries in the city and its surroundings.

Today, the library has aroundmedia units, among them 60, volumes from the time before In addition, there are manuscripts, incunabula and an important collection of emblem books. Its holdings were composed of dating portal amberg libraries of the institutions that had been closed in the imperial city of Regensburg.

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As the seat of the "Perpetual Diet", Regensburg was one of the richest library locations of the entire Holy Roman Empire around the end of the 18th century. Its collections of aroundmedia today include more thanprinted books published before the yearover 1, manuscripts and autographs, 1, incunabula and around 7, old maps.